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Friday 28th Dec
The Comedy Loft - Lock17

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Sat 29th Dec



Thursday 27th Dec

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Boxing Day 26th Dec
Comedy Loft, Rosies

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Sunday 30th Dec
The Neon

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It was a good night, Kat delivered, he kept the crowd going ............. Out of all the acts though I must say for me Axel took the gong - he was too funny ............ Second half was a of a let down though


Date of Posting: 03 October 2010
Posted By: Sarah Davies

The show was outstanding but Kat made my night! Chuckled all day Sunday thinking about the look on that girls face! Wow what a performance! Definately going again guys you all nailed it. Haven't laughed so much for a long time xx


Date of Posting: 03 October 2010
Posted By: Lisa 'leggs' Cox

Wow wot a night! it was brilliant. Kat you are one very fine, sexy funny man! Cant wait until xmas!


Date of Posting: 26 September 2010
Posted By: chantelle king

For my official review of Friday's Cardiff gig please log onto the enclosed link:


Date of Posting: 27 April 2010
Posted By: David Cox

rdcj in birmingham was wicked its the 1st time iv been 2 1 of the shows an i was popping!! i cant wait 4 the next 1 x


Date of Posting: 26 April 2010
Posted By: shadae brown

I would just like to thank the crew for a wickedl fantastic night in Bristol Kat, littleman, Talon, and Richard Balckwood what a night, Next time i'll wear incontinence pants cause it was that funny. once again big up to the Comedy Jam...


Date of Posting: 26 April 2010
Posted By: Tony Baker

Brill show in Brum in April 10 absolutely class, just wish the comics were on for longer, worth every penny, keep up the good work guyz.


Date of Posting: 25 April 2010
Posted By: Stephen Salmon

The 1st comedy jam I went to was sat 24th April..and i must say it was worth my money,the acts that came out were so hileriousloved every minute of it..I would go again..The host Kat he was well enteraining alng with the other acts omg.Cant wait for the next one.


Date of Posting: 25 April 2010
Posted By: Tammy Jacko

Birmingham was FANTASTIC BABY!!! When are you coming back again ????


Date of Posting: 25 April 2010
Posted By: donna jones

Bring back Kevin J and Miss London to Bristol pretty please!!


Date of Posting: 24 April 2010
Posted By: Dana Brown

Was a sick show in Manchester last year are you not coming back this year???


Date of Posting: 05 March 2010
Posted By: Anna Mansoor

how do we get hold of pictures???


Date of Posting: 20 February 2010
Posted By: karin young

My apologies for such a late response but I have only just woken up from my real deal comedy jam coma. Firstly I would like to thank all the RD boyz Alton, Damian, Nathan n Sammy for looking after me, putting up with me and entertaining me and most importantly – investing in me. Nzinga you’re the sistren of sistrens and congratulations. But most importantly I want to big up London, big up Bristol, big up Birmingham (Brapps) and big up Nottingham – I got nothing but love from y’all thank you so much When i’m booked for this tour again I would like RD management to ensure a full-time nurse or St Johns ambulance are present for me throughout the tour cos y’all party tooooooooo hard and if anyone could let me know what I was doing at the Bristol after party it would be much appreciated as I don’t remember a thing. I’ve got to go and sign on now so remember colour 613 Brazilian Braid and death to all spiders x


Date of Posting: 17 February 2010
Posted By: annette fagon

Birmingham show was good, when booking with ticketseller though, would like the option of being told we would not be sitting together. in future i will be booking with ticket master or direct. hope to see alot more future shows


Date of Posting: 14 February 2010
Posted By: simone edwards

Thanks for the Feedback guys. Positive or negative it's really appreciated.


Date of Posting: 08 January 2010
Posted By: Nathan Wilkins

The entire night was great, the venue, the host, the comedians and the dancers. Try keeping to the advertised times though, not black man time, we all pay good money and come from afar! Been to the previous 2 events also and they just keep on getting better. Looking forward to the Feb jam. Keep up the good work guys and keep finding the talent:-)


Date of Posting: 07 January 2010
Posted By: Nav Ubhi

Brilliant show at the Town Hall B'ham. Venue - great, Comedians - Great, Atmosphere - great only problem is it don't last long enough. Keep up the good work guys xx


Date of Posting: 05 January 2010
Posted By: Sophia Ivey

how do i get the pictures from the comedy jam on the 28th of December ?


Date of Posting: 04 January 2010
Posted By: Sam Alexander

can i download pictures from the december 29th london gallery please


Date of Posting: 03 January 2010
Posted By: jermaine jones

both shows i have been to have been so brilliant!!! worth every penny, cant wait for my dvd to arrive, and when your back in brum in feb x


Date of Posting: 02 January 2010
Posted By: Leanne hart

As my first time attending the comedy jam I was excited the comedians had me in tears! I've already booked my ticket for the next one and can't wait! Chantie xx


Date of Posting: 02 January 2010
Posted By: Chantie Sealey

Christmas tour was unbelievable, loved every second of it. Valentines 2010 promises to deliver yet another banging Real Deal Comedy Jam UK tour. We'll be hitting 4 cities including - London 11th Feb - Bristol 12th Feb - Bham 13th Feb - Nottingham 14th Feb. The UK's best coming to a town near you.


Date of Posting: 01 January 2010
Posted By: Natha Wilkins

September 09 tour was definitely one of the best Real Deal Comedy Jam tours of all time. Every comedian smashed it. Impossible for me to pick a favourite as they were all good. Can't wait for the December 09 Christmas Spectacular.


Date of Posting: 22 December 2009
Posted By: Nathan Wilkins

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