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Queen's corner (June's edition)
Written by Nzinga Graham-Smith   


Greetings All



Welcome to the Queen’s Corner blog, where you’ll read about my weekly excursions and interesting topics in news, entertainment and comedy - with my point of view!


Summer is finally here. Hooray!! Hopefully, it will last long enough for me to get a tan - yes a tan! I maybe black, but i like being blacker. You know the saying, ‘the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice’. Ah tru dat, deh!


This Saturday Birmingham will be buzzing with creative talent as ‘We’ve Been Blessed’ comes to the Hippodrome for what is classed as the most creative, arts event of the year so far.

We’ve Been Blessed is a charity fundraising talent showcase (in aid of Letisha & Charlene Fund) that will feature a killer line-up to include the UK’s No.1 comedian Slim (host), comedian Kevin J, Gospel singer Guvna B, top urban recording artist Tinie Tempah, MOBO award winning Saxophonist Soweto Kinch, dance CRC and many, more talented acts to boot. Tickets start from a mere £7.50, so get them now as only 50 remain!


I would like to congratulate (even though it’s about bloody time) Dizzee Rascal, Tinchy Stryder and N-Dubz for having hit the number 1 spot! Finally (but how long?) British Black music is getting recognised and financially pushed by the record companies and seen as a moneymaking commodity, instead of only being seen as underground. For example, since Dizzee’s chart topping success, established artists such as Franz Ferdinand are eager to work with him, giving Dizzee the option to break into another market. In this circumstance Dizzee has turned the proposal down. I’m sure that before this he would have said yes – just for the exposure. Now he does not (really) need to. It just shows that once you understand the difference between making music as a hobby to making music as a business, you will reap the benefits. It’s not about selling out. It’s about reaching the mass market. Basically, the marketing strategy is the key! So always put money aside and the right plan perfecting that.

I didn’t like Lady Gaga at first, as I found her to be a cheap imitation of Róisín Murphy from Moloko. She is the original fashion eccentric queen. Anyway, the more I see/hear her interviews I am being to warm to her and understand her wacky personality and creative demeanour. I think she is a little misunderstood. Just listen to her views on sex, music and fame.


Did anyone see Eminem have Brüno (Sacha Baron Cohen alter ego side kick) sit on his face – upside down, mind you? (Click here to see). And then see Eminem walk out all vex (supposedly) with D12. All I can say great publicity stunt. Either that or it was payback time for Eminem. After all he has made his career for constantly dissing people. He should have farted in his face. That would have been hilarious.


It’s good to hear that the top ‘Man’s’ of Hip-Hop Methodman & Redman are back collaborating together with a hot new track ‘Dangerous MCees’ and new album, ‘Blackout 2’. Well worth a buy.


Now I was truly distressed to hear about the Air France Boeing 228 plane being lost in transit to Paris from Rio de Janeiro. Image that, off the radar. No one can locate your whereabouts. It doesn’t even bear thinking about.

My sincere prayers and thoughts go out to those on the plane and their loved ones. I truly hope they find some – if not one – survivor.

I am a frequent flyer of Air France and I must admit it has put a little fright in me since this incident. I know this is not an every day occurrence and the ratio of this happening maybe a billion to one, but I am one of those nervous flyers as it is, regardless to the fact that I am a frequent flyer. So I think I may take the train next time im going to Paris – Not!



Before I wrap this up the ‘Deeper Than Funk!’ club night is just over 3 weeks away from its launch on Friday 26th June @ Bobby Browns, Birmingham. So if you haven’t got your tickets, what are you waiting for? Drop me a line, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Facebook event to get your tickets. I only have 30 tickets left! Be about it don’t hear about it.


See you all next week


Stay blessed


Words of Wisdom:

“Don't wait for the Last Judgment. It happens every day”.


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