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Real Deal At Global Gathering PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nathan Wilkins   
Monday, 23 March 2009 20:44

Wow what a weekend, An experience that I will never forget!!

The Real Deal Comedy Jam at Club Sidewinders Global Gathering was an experience that I will never forgot.  This was quite literally taking the Real Deal Comedy Jam completely out of our comfort zone.  I thought I'd write a little something as documentation of our experience.  



To be honest before I got there I didn't know too much about the Global Gathering festival or what to expect there as I'm not big on the Drum and Bass music scene, I thought it would be very similar to what I use to call Jungle music which was big a few years back.  So I assume it would be followed by a similar crowd, quite urban but into dance music. Prior to the event Sammy, Damian and I were all looking forward to the gig as it was something completely different to what we would normally do.  Plus it was a festival for god had to be fun.  We were very keen to put together a brilliant show for the Global Gathering crowd which would hopefully leave our mark on them.  

Me, Damian, Sammy and Alton(Photogrpher) headed down to London from Birmingham to collect our chosen line-up for the show, Jamie Howard, Lateef Lovejoy, Slim and Kat.  We grabbed Jamie and Lateef up in North London and collected Kat and Slim down in South London.  We then had to fight through the London taffic to make the gig on time.  London traffic was hellish as per usual doing an average speed of about 5 mph, a journey out of London that should of taken us 15 minutes ended up taking about 1 hour and that was just getting to the motorway.  Once we hit the motorway though it was just plain sailing.  Jammin to one of my classic old skool Hip Hop CD's we had the car rocking, plus Kat and Lateef were cracking jokes all there way down, relentless.  But too funny!!! They even came up with a catch phrase for the weekend....which I will let you guys in on.........Awwwwwesome!!!!  

Once we arrived at Pontins down near Hastings we checked into our rooms and headed straight out to do the show.  It was a little difficult to find the venue at first because the site was a decent size and we were still trying to find our bearings.  Plus we were constantly being distracted by the strange things that were going on around us.  For example the silent disco!! This was hilarious, watching these kids jumping around with headphones on was really funny.  If you watch hollioaks you will know what I am talking about.

So we found our room which had a great stage laid out like a 'T' shape.  'Play' our DJ went about familiarising himself with the DJ equipment, now we would normally use R&B/Hip Hop beats as links over and in between our acts.  Today me and Play knew this was not going to work this crowd were not gonna be feeling those beats.   So were decided to run with some UK funky beats, later Play would change this again and run with some real old skool garage.  Were were definately improvising as we went only.  I then had a chat with the comedians who Jamie and Lateef were concerned that the crowd would get them Slim was unconcerned, he said he had some stuff in the locker that they were gonna love and Kat just seemed to wanna have change there then.  lol

Ok brief summary of the show:  Play warmed up the crowd and announced Kat to the stage.  If I'm honest I initially thought this isn't working, some of the stuff that would normally have crowd in stitches seemed to gain no reaction from this crowd.  However, there was no need for any really concern Kat soon had them eating out of his hand and was personally cracking me up.  I was really enjoying his set.  I asked him to do a 15 minute warm up but he ending up doing about 20-25 minutes, I think he was enjoying himself.  He then brought out Lateef.  Now I personally rate Lateef highly as a very talented comedian who has always delivered for me.  But today just wasn't Lateef's day, he seemed to abandon his set and had decided for some reason to just banter with the crowd.  I wish he had just done his set, I am sure it would of worked.  But on the plus side for Lateef he was resilient, he did his full 20 minutes.  Kat came back out and did another 5 minutes before we gave up the stage for another company who did a fashion show.  After the fashion show was finished we came back out to do the 2nd half of our show.  Kat came back out and yet again he was spot on the money, I was really impressed by how adaptable Kat was.  He seemed to be able to just build his set off people who were in the room.  He then brought out Jamie.  Now I love Jamie to bits but I think he'd agree with me when I say this was a day to forget....A bad day at the office.  I'll leave that there.  Kat came back out a little bit sooner than he was expecting to, but still managed to smooth things back over.  Finally it was time for our Final act, Slim.  Now I have worked with Slim for years so I was in no doubt that Slim would deliver and for sure he didn't disappoint.  Another masterful performance from a man I truely consider to be one of the best in the business.  When he finished the crowd applauded and I felt happy that we had done our job.  


My Conclusion

A great experience I am truely thankful that Mark from Club Sidewinder gave us the opportunity to get on board.  It was a challenge and certainly had me thinking of how to make it work.  I decided to play safe with my selection as I didn't know this crowd at all and didn't know what to expect so I booked a line-up that reflected this.  If I had to do it again I would know exactly what would be required and the acts that would work, but this said I am still content with what we did.  Overall in summary I loved it mainly for the challenge of it.  It proved to me that if the Real Deal can hold it's own in this environment it could definatley hold it's own anywhere.  So now the lid is off the box the real Deal Comedy Jam will be aspiring to deliver show to more and more different types of crowds and audiences.  If they don't know already there about to get to know.


Nathan Wilkins (JEP Entertainment Ltd)


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