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You are here: Home Comedians Kat Boyce - Meet the person behind the comic genius
Written by Lorrenda Waite   


Kat Boyce - Meet the person behind the comic genius


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  • How long have you been involved in comedy now?


I’ve been doing comedy around 3 years now whereas on the hosting side of things I’ve done that most of my life.  Starting out I previously worked for companies such as Tesco and had various jobs such as security jobs along with other similar positions. You name it I’ve done it, was never afraid to work as bills needed to get paid. I’ve always known what my priorities are and from a young age I’ve always worked hard to make sure those priorities are taken care of. An opportunity came up working with school which I took and was given two weeks to come up with a project to which I decided teaching dance was something I wanted to do.


  • What influenced you to go into comedy?


Comedy wasn’t something that was influenced by anyone it came naturally; I am a natural performer in and outside my home environment. When I’m on stage I like to play mind games with the audience where I make sure I’m always in control. The stage is my domain, it’s as though the stage is my dining room and the audience are visitors. It’s like there’s a remote control which belongs to me and not any and anyone can just come in and pick up that remote and change the channel. I’m in control at all times and I decide what way things are going to go. Should someone decide to take that remote control (I suppose like a member of the audience shouting something out) they better be prepared for the reaction and embarrassment *laughs*.


  • Who are your idols / role models?


My mother is my idol, she’s what you would call ‘old school and she’s been a huge role model in my life and has kept me grounded. My mum always kept a tin of beans in the cupboard to remind me where we’re coming from.

I’ve always remembered that because people only know the Kat that’s on stage, people don’t really know the Kat that could have ended up in prison. If I hadn’t kept myself motivated and surrounded myself with grounded people ‘real’ people my life could have taken a whole different path.


People such as Suzy Mckenna who is a huge director, Eddie Nester, The Posse and the Bibi crew just to name a few have all been great influences and have also played that vital part of keeping me grounded and pushing me in the right direction.



  • How did you get involved with the Real Deal comedy show?


The Real Deal Comedy apparently considered me for sometime but given my style it was a gamble as to how receptive the crowd would be and if I would be right for the show.


In the end they decided to take the risk and we haven’t looked back since.



  • How do you find the RDCJ shows in comparison to other shows you have been involved in?


The shows are very enjoyable, it’s not all easy and laughs, it is hard and there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that isn’t visible to the public. The shows are very professional, they start on time which is very important but is a rare thing for these types of shows. Touring is a nice experience as your working day in day out with the same people, were eating together chilling and travelling together. We are always straight with each other and if there are any issues we all communicate so everything is always clear. Working in this way keep keeps everyone close and keeps things enjoyable.



  • How do you find the crowds response to you overall?


I find that the crowd have difficulty trying to decide what box to place me in. It’s as though they’re thinking do we put him down as a comedian, is he a host or an entertainer? I do a range of things when I’m on stage so it makes it all the more difficult for the audience to place me in one particular box. I’m an all round entertainer, quirky and spontaneous with my own unique style and I take pride in that.




  • Is there any particular city that you’d say you got the best response from?


I have to say I really look forward to the Birmingham shows especially the fact it’s the biggest show with 1600 people at the Alexander Theatre.

The Birmingham shows are the ‘power base’ obviously the home for the RDCJ so I always look forward to Birmingham.


I find it amusing when the other comedians ask me what Birmingham is like. It’s got to a stage that I can actually count down (whenever I’m alone for a few seconds) to how long it will be before someone asks me the same question.


It’s understandable as Birmingham is the largest show.



  • How did you find the Birmingham crowd as we are notoriously known for being quite hard to please?


I’m actually quite familiar with the Birmingham crowd as I use to attend what was known as ‘Access’ some years ago in Birmingham and was always reminding the crowd that they needed to ‘rep’ 0121 hence where the phrase ‘0121 Crew’ came from. I’ve also been a part of other shows in Birmingham so yes I am familiar with Brum.



  • Are there any comedians that you have worked with on the RDCJ that you haven’t previously had the chance to work with, if so how did you find it?


I really enjoyed working with Glenda Jackson who I’ve never had the opportunity to work with previously. Another comedian who is quite new on the scene is Little man. I’ve taken Little man under my wings and have really enjoyed working with him. Richard Blackwood is a good friend, I’ve worked with him on the radio for a long time so working with him on the RDCJ was definitely a different experience but entertaining at the same time.



  • Is there any particular comedian that you would love to work with again?


Yes there are quite a few comedians that I’d love to work with again. I’d love to work with Little man, Richard Blackwood, Kevin J, Tony Woods and also Tony Roberts. Someone I’d really love to work with is Gina Yashere that would definitely be something.




  • Being a comedian yourself who is your favourite comedian?


Comedians such as the late Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy (playing Mrs Klump in ‘The Nutty Professor’) and also Jamie Foxx who I can really relate to.



  • How do you feel you have been embraced by the RDCJ team being the main host? You’ve had a lot of involvement and are pretty much the face for the brand.


It feels like home away from home when we are doing the tours, the guys are all professional. They know how to treat the artist they work with. They put us in individual hotel rooms the whole hospitality thing is catered for. I’ve had many shows where there will be three men to a hotel room and times where the promoters wouldn’t actually pay as they’d apparently not made enough money. Regardless with the RDCJ team I’m always treated well and most importantly paid *laughs*.


I can see how it was a big risk for the guys taking me on but at the same time it’s an honour me working with them.




  • What can we expect from the Kat man in the future and what are your future plans in regards to the RDCJ?


I’m very excited about the future and about working with the guys to ensure the RDCJ is taken global.


The team is strong and we will push the RDCJ global without a doubt. Believe me this will go global it’s serious what we are doing were passionate about it and were in this for the long haul, after all there’s no pension scheme in this business! *laughs*