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Written by Nathan Wilkins   
Thursday, 06 May 2010 09:25



The Real Deal Comedy Jam were recently invited back to do the Global Energy Drum and Bass festival at ‘Pontins’. We did the festival last year and really enjoyed it. However after seeing the audience last year we had a better idea on which comedians would make them laugh.

Now when I say that this crowd is one of the most challenging audience that you could imagine. Firstly, they are all hardcore ravers, definitely not at the festival for comedy. Furthermore, we performed one day into the festival so the majority of the audience had probably been up all night partying hard. So keeping there attention was hard work. But our job was to provide some early evening entertainment before the madness of the drum and bass rave began. So with all this in mind we were determined to do a 1st class job.

We decided to go with the following line-up: Maureen Younger, Prince Abdi, Marlon Davis, Toju with Annette Fagon as host. They all did a brilliant job. Annette was Annette and they loved her, she was a perfect host for the show.

From this line-up only Annette and Toju have been on the Real Deal Comedy Jam tour. So you can all look forward to seeing Prince Abdi, Maureen and Marlon on tours really soon. If I had to pick a favourite performance from the show I’d have to go with Marlon Davis. He really cracked me up. His got this joke about when Brarack Obama won the presidency in America and the BBC picked Dizzy Rascal of all people to represent the ‘Black Voice’ of Great Britain. Really funny he had the crowd in stitches.

The feedback we received from the Random Concept/Global Energy crew was really good so were hopeful we’ll be back again next year to open our style of comedy to yet more people that probably wouldn’t have chance to see us.

The Real Deal Comedy Jam is available for private hire for festivals etc. If you would like to hire a comedian for a party, wedding, conference or event please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We’d love to here from you.



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