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Queen's corner (May's 2nd edition)
Written by Nzinga Graham-Smith   


Greetings All



Welcome to the Queen’s Corner blog, where you’ll read about my weekly excursions and interesting topics in news, entertainment and comedy - with my point of view!


Another week has past by as quickly as it takes Usain Bolt to win a race. Time waits for no one. And is it me or does a day seem like a week and a week seem like a month? It’s just hard to believe that next week will mark being half way through the year! Time waits for no one!


So with that in mind, last week I put a lot of my time perfecting a project I am working on called Rise 2 the Top!, which aims to provide free public relations (PR) and marketing services to 19-24 years old through means of self development.

I anticipate having this project up and running by September 2009, so I am working round the clock to make this a possibility.

The project idea came about because for the past 2 years young people have approached me on numerous occasions asking for advice/consultancy and assistance towards a project, business or music related project utilising PR/Marketing. And within this period for the past year and a half a month has not gone by where a university pre/post graduates, college students, budding entrepreneurs, etc, throughout the UK has contacted me for the same service.

And with me currently mentoring 5 young individuals using this process, I have seen them progress to either employment, further education or them setting up their own business, hence why I am very confident that this project works.

So if you have a business idea, product or service, music or artist you want to publicise/market in any sector as well as music and entertainment, then this is definitely for you. Stay tuned to Queen of the Crop©[OU2]  website or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it me for more info.


I had an interesting meeting with my Real Deal Comedy Jam team, with the main focus being the Real Deal Comedy Jam September tour (Birmingham, London, Manchester and Bristol), and our up-coming club night event meeting ‘Deeper Than Funk!’ on Saturday 26th June @ Bobby Browns, Birmingham.

We were discussing and pitching ideas for the advert for Deeper Than Funk! when we came up with an idea that includes me as the main voice over. Now, for those who do/don’t know me I am shy. You may not believe it but it’s true, even for those who have seen me in my work mode and are saying ‘yeah right, whatever!’ because for someone in my profession you cannot be shy. Anyway, I am. So for me to do this voice over is quite daunting, but i'm excited, as the concept is hot!! I cannot give the concept away, you’ll have to wait and keep a look out and your ears alert for the advert link right here on the RDCJ website, on Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, etc, and let me know what you think.


Now what has hit my last nerve or has been of interest to me in the news last week. Mmmmm.

I will start with my darlin’ ‘Hot Boy’ Lil’ Wayne. It has been alleged that he has got the beautiful Lauren London pregnant and they’re engaged! Lauren is alleged to be about 5 months pregnant, even though not too long ago Lil’ Wayne announced his love for long time on-off relationship with R&B singer Nivea. Who knows how this is going to pan out, because not to long ago Lil’ Wayne got one of his groupies pregnant. Who does he really love?


Speaking about love it seems their maybe love out there for Rihanna after Chris Brown. It is claimed that Rihanna has found love with up-coming rapper star Drake, who declared his love on radio by saying “Shoutout to Rihanna. I love you.” He has denied any affair, but what is that all about? I get it, publicity!

As for Chris Brown he can’t get a break. He is currently sporting a blackeye and getting slack for allegedly leaking nude photos of Rihanna.

Even though I did not condone his alleged attack against his ex, damn, he needs a break, because right now he is blacklisted in the music/entertainment world, and no matter what he is a talented individual. In saying that, there will always be a price to pay for such despicable behaviour.

I went to see the film Angels and Demons (the follow up to the Da Vinci Code) with a friend and had a discussion afterwards about the impact religion has on people and some of their deceit and lies especially from the Catholic religion, and them knowing about it.

My friend was saying that, for example, even though the Pope and other heads of Catholic religion know they are preaching lies to people, it was the believers fault in allowing the religion to burgeon instead of seeking the truth and abiding by that.

And I was saying, ‘I agree’. But, it’s not as easy as that because they have been psychologically condition for generations and have become ignorant to the point where they deem a lie as the truth.

Furthermore… I better watch what I say because this is a controversial topic, so I won’t even further voice my personal views. This is the web! Need to say more.

Let me know your views - anonymously if need be:)


And with that said i'm out, until next week.


Stay blessed



Words of Wisdom:

“Its okay to be afraid. Its not okay to let the fear stop you.”


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