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1st Tour of 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nathan Wilkins   
Friday, 06 March 2009 22:43




Wow what at week.....The 1st tour of 2009 began for the JEP team on Wednesday 25th February.

Wednesday 25th February

Early on Wednesday Morning Me & Sammy picked up the 9 seater Mercedes tour bus from VIP cars in Birmingham and headed off to London Heathrow. On the way down to Heathrow came the news that our Headline act Corey Holcomb had missed his flight. Dammmn......we thought, however we still had to make the trip as we were scheduled to collect Jay Pharoah and his agent Shaina Farrow at 1:30pm. Also Corey's wife had made her flight so we still had to collect her. The first part of our mission went straight to plan, Jay and Shaina were waiting for us at the airport when we arrived and were in good spirits. We then set off to a different part of the airport to collect Corey's wife. This didn't go to plan!! As Corey's wife didn't know that Corey had missed his flight she had decided to wait for him at the luggage collection point and since she wasn't expecting her phone to work in the UK there was no way of contacting her. So to cut a long story short we waiting for about 4 hours for her before we had to send one of the airport officials to go and collect her. Needless to say she was shocked to hear that her husband had missed his flight but seemed to settle once she was reassured that she would be looked after. So from here we headed off to Bristol to check into our hotel for the night, knowing that we had a really big day ahead of us. PS All this was done with the me carrying the burden of being stuck down with a dose of food posioning....not nice but you don't need those details. lol

Thursday 26th February

After receiving our wake up calls we all got up for about 4:30am, we had a busy day ahead of us doing radio interviews and press work. I was still feeling rough at this point, the first thing I did that morning was to throw up the entire contents of my stomach which wasn't much at all, I hadn't eaten for about 2 days prior. But anyway, we headed down to our first interview spot, which took some finding as it wasn't registering on our satalite navigation system. But we got some help in the form of Sammy's brother Alton who had recently relocated down to Bristol to start a business. Jay and I did the first interview, or that was the plan anyway. But if I'm honest Jay was so good on the radio that I took a back seat and watch him do his thing. Hat's off to Jay, if the stand-up work was to ever slow down he could do radio in a minute. We then proceeded to go from station to station including Ujima and star FM, but I would say the highlight of that morning was the interview on Kiss FM. Since Kiss had got involved with or campaign they had been so supportive so it was nice to meet there team. The Kiss interview went really well Jay was as good as ever and seem to compliment the presenters that were interviewing him who were all really cool and witty. Busy morning so far but still not over, we still had to collect Corey from Heathrow airport, a drive I was not looking forward to especially when you consider that we had to drive from there to Birmingham as well, Now that's alot of driving. So we headed off to Heathrow and collected Corey who was there pretty much straight away when we arrived, we hooped back into the Mercedes bus and heading up the M1 to Birmingham. Oh I forgot to mention, all of our guests had packed as if there were coming for the month. lol So when me and Sam thought we were playing clever by getting a 9 seater rather than a couple of large cars it all back-fired. Doh!!! Once in Birmingham we checked our guests into there hotel room and then took them for a taste of what we like to eat.....Nando's. I don't think they were too impressed.

Friday 27th February

Another early start, but this particular run of interviews we were well use to as Birmingham is our home town. Corey, Jay and Shaina were up and at em. Very professional. We picked them up and headed straight to Galaxy FM, but for once we actually got there earlier than expected. My fault, I had 7am in my head but the interview was in fact scheduled for 8am. Needless to say I got some stick from Sammy, but brushed this off like I wasn't fussed. But this did turn out to work in our favour, because Jay had proven to be so good on the radio I was confident enough to ask Dan the morning show presenter on Galaxy to put him on early to do a few voices. The response was fanominal, straight away the text machine in at the studio went crazy with requests for Jay to do more characters, I was even getting text's form personal friends hyping up Jay. I wasn't too sure what to expect from Corey on the radio but there was no need to have any fear, the main man Corey was hilarious. His dry sense of humor had me in stitches so I was sure he was making them laugh at the other end of the airways too. So all in all the Galaxy interview was a complete success, and in my opinion one of the best interview we have done with them. Big thumbs up to Corey and Jay and the Galaxy FM crew.

Then it was time for our Newstyle Radio interview with our very own show DJ Gman. Who I actually think should be a comedian as well, he is so funny. This interview was just as good as the Galaxy interview Gman is a match for for the best of them, we even had a bit of freestlyle rap from both comedians, very entertaining, very funny. From Newstlye we went to the barbers got spunced up and then proceeded to hit the M5 straight back down to Bristol. I was still ill but I had managed to eat a sandwich from at last.

Once in Bristol we checked into our hotel rooms and I then headed straight down to the Colston Hall to start the prep for the debut show in Bristol of the Real Deal Comedy Jam. I called the UK based comedians to ensure that they were on schedule and good as gold they all were. Toju and Jamie Howard were heading down on the train and Rudi Lickwood was driving across from London. By this time it was about 6:30pm about 1 hour prior to show time the dancers had arrive, Jamie, Toju and Rudi had arrive. But the stage prep hadn't been completed so we were trying to get that done with enough time to enable us to do a dry rehearsal. We did it......Blap Blap!! lol

The show started with a bit of a hick-up, DJ G-man missed his cue for the dancers (totally out of character) and the track therefore started slightly later than it should of done. But it was nothing major the guys still did a great job, the dancers adjusted there performance and were very professional. Rudi who was our tour host seem to be in great form on the night he seemed to have the crowd right in the palm of his hand, it was a very commanding performance. Jamie Howard was out next, the boy did good. Next came Toju, who was absolutely brilliant, if I had to give him a score for this performance it would be 8/10, on the night i would of said 10/10 but in hindsight as the tour went on I found out what Toju was really capable of. Jay Pharoah came out next, If I'm honest Jay was good but I knew he had much more in the locker. Finally the show was closed by a masterful performance by Corey....Hey he's the headliner because his level is that high. Top performance Corey.

The night was concluded with an afterparty at JAVA which was hosted by the Bristol Real Deal Comedy Jam crew, Elvis, Wizz and Tiny. Great Job boys.....already looking forward to the next one. Got to give a few more shout outs for our Bristol crew...Here we go shout outs to Madu Ellis (Solgee), Leecon and his street team, Tanya and her Glouscester crew, Ujima Radio, Star FM, Passion FM, Vix from Kiss FM, Oblit-R8 for our sound track, Alton and the audience who attended to show. If I've forgot anyone I'm sorry. Oh I forgot to mention I also managed to crash the car in the car park after the show....this little bump ended up costing me £500, next time I ain't driving. lol


Saturday 28th February

Early start again, Sammy, Damian, Simeon and a few others had been on the pop the night before and were feeling a little worst for wears. haha! to be honest if I hadn't of been ill I would of been drinking too. I hate missing out on the fun. But my luck was in I woke up feeling much better and fresh, it was time for the legendary Birmingham 'Real Deal Comedy Jam'. I had a list of things that I needed to do. One of the things was we needed to get our equipment up from Bristol to Birmingham, car space was at a premium cos we had 5 comedians to carry up plus a production team of 3 plus a photographer. Plus all that luggage I mentioned earlier....dammn that luggage! lol and to make matters worst we Gman had left Bristol early that morning for personal reasons. He had a big car too. So hear came the magic, I was seriously contemplating hiring an extra car, extra cost that we seriously couldn't afford. Sammy to the rescue!! I watched this guy unpack the tour bus and then repack it using every last mm of space. It was like something out of the krypton factor, fair play to him he did it. The man can pack.

We'd lost time messing about with the luggage problem and I now had another problem, the printers was due to close at 12 noon and it was about 11am. I needed to get someone to collect the show booklets otherwise the sponsors would be pissed. So I called someone who I knew I could rely on, my dad. Good as ever he sorted the problem for me without any fuss. All I wanted to do now was to get to Birmingham so that I could start the stage prep. On the way up to Birmingham the journey was made fun by listening to Corey and Jay mess about, definitely one of the perks of the job, rolling with comedians means that the you usually get a free personal show throughout the day, these guys are just naturally funny. We were also getting Jay to make prank calls to people in my phone pretending to be people the funniest one was calling my nephew and pretending to be Stewy from Family Guy and Golem from Lord of the Rings...he is ony 11 if your wondering. Really funny.

Ok, we dropped of the comedians at the hotel and then set about our work of preparing for the show. This all went really well as we had two guys that had been working on our show for years plus they had a an input into the production of the show and therefore knew exactly what they were doing. Big up to Mike Redley and Nick Fagan. Everyone had arrived at the venue on time so that was a relief, The models arrived and looked stunning. Ok so now for the show.....what a show this was. All the guys performed superbly. The highlight for me was Toju who got a standing this was a 10/10. Only two other guys had every got standing ovations at our show before and they were both Americans, Tony Roberts and Will-E Robo. Toju was now a member of an exclusive club. Well done Toju. Jay was bang on point too, flippin from character to character, I remember seeing Denzel, Golem, Stewy, 50 cents, Jay Z plus so much more. Great show guys you did us proud. The night was concluded with an after-party at First Port Bar, another great night was had by all, I was still staying off the drink cus we had another big day ahead of us. Finally I've got to give a big shout out to our sponsors.

TRULIFE ** PRESTIGE WHEELS ** MUSIC IS THE KEY LTD ** ALL NATION ** HATMAN ** 23 Street ** Wayne Dyer ** One Stop Auto's ** VIP Cars ** 50 Fifty


Thanks you to you all, we couldn't do it without you.



Sunday 1st March


After filling our bellies with a delicous caribeen meal we set off for the Final leg of our tour, the Big City of London. Finally the Real Deal was hitting the capital, it had been a long time coming. Gman and Nzinga set off early and went straight down to the Savoy Theatre, this turn out to be a real saviour because due to traffic and other delays I didn't actually arrive down at the Savoy Theatre until 1 hour prior to the show. By the time I had got down there Gman and Nzinga had got things fully under control. The theatre looked amazing, the technical boys down there had done a excellent job with the presentation of the stage. We had to hire a PA system for this theatre too so we called upon the best, Birmingham's very own Stone Heart Family who also took care of the sound engineering for us. Thanks Deadly(Stone Heart Family). I arrived at the Theatre with Jamie Howard who was in excellent form and was really keen to show me what he could do especially as he was in his home town, I could see the confidence in him. Our one problem with this show was the dancers who were due to open the show. They had decided not to turn up not very professional, but the show had to go on. We decided to open the show with our theme song and with Gman hyping up the crowd. Rudi Lickwood then came out and done a warm up set to get the crowd in the mood. On his home turf from what I could see Rudi was really enjoying himself. Jamie was next to take to the stage, it was at this point that the Heckler made their presence known.


Jamie being a white comic in a black dominated genre of comedy, began to tell one of his ironic jokes, which began like "I bet your all wondering what a white guy like me is doing up here on a urban comedy show....... before he could finish the rest out shouts the Heckler...Yeh so com off the stage then!! this would set the trend for the next 45 minutes or so. Now don't get me wrong I love crowd participation but this was beginning to annoy the rest of my audience who began telling the Heckler to shut up. Now the Heckler was a surprise to us all, a middle aged black women, not exactly what you would expect the Heckler to be. But if I had to make an excuse for her behavior I would put it down to alcohol, cos she seemed to be as drunk as a skunk. Shame!! Anyway, back to Jamie's set, one word brilliant I love it. The best was the way he ended his set, it was something like "Thank you, you have been a great audience, apart from you you b*!tch" pointing at the Heckler. This made the crowd roar with laughter. Next came, Jay Pharoah, who's mom and dad had flown over from the states to see their boy perform in the UK. Jay didn't let them down and gave the audience a great performance. His impressions were bang on. Next up was my man of the tour so far the mighty Toju. Toju began his set as strong as ever firing quick and fast joke after joke after joke. But the Heckler wasn't done she seemed to be getting louder all the time, why oh why did the Heckler have to come to my show. lol Anyway, Toju began telling a joke...and bang the Heckler struck with "Well don't chat to me then". This seemed to throw Toju off his set perhaps or maybe he just felt like he needed to remind the Heckler what the purpose of the night was. Anyway, Toju began to break down the Heckler with a hilarious comedic assault, which initially seemed to have the audience in stitches. I think the majority of them were just happy that someone had addressed her finally on her behaviour. You would of thought that this would of been the end of it and the the Heckler would of just relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the show. Nope!! She was having none of it, she just got louder and louder and louder. In the end Toju requested that security removed her from the audience. Even this wasn't plain sailing as when she was asked to leave she refused, and the law being what it is. You are not allowed to physically remove someone from the theatre, so the police were called. Now when I found this out I decided to step in personally and call upon her better nature. In the end she saw sense and decided to leave the building. To be honest I really felt sorry for her friends who looked really embarrassed to have been put in this situation by THE HECKLER!!!! lol


Anyway on with the show....Toju got back out there and finished his set. Next came our headliner for the tour, Corey Holcomb who put in a masterful performance yet again. All being taken into account it had been show and a great tour. Exhausting, YES. Stressful, YES. But in hindsight, ground breaking for the Real Deal Comedy Jam. We had done three massive marketing campaigns, put on three brilliant shows, organised a production team including 5 comedians, a 4 DJ, 4 dancers, 3 production managers, 1 stage manager, 7 Technical engineers, and 3 sound engineers, 3 models, 1 photographer. Job done!!!

In London I've got to give a big shout out to the guys that help us to make it all happen.

Play (I know exactly why they call you Diddy, your the man bro)

Vanessa (Helped promote the show, and afte-party)

Dixie Jos (Helped promote the show, and afte-party)

Paola Escobar (Helped promote the show, and afte-party)

Emma Hunt (Helped promote the show, and afte-party)

Mr Dagz (Helped promote the show, and afte-party)

Thanks guys.



NOW to do it all over again in April, and you guys think this is easy. lol


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