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Queens corner (Feb Edition)
Written by Nathan Wilkins   

Nzinga Graham-Smith

Chief PR Officer for the

Real Deal Comedy Jam

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Greetings All

Welcome to the Queen’s Corner blog, where you’ll read about what’s going on in the news, entertainment and comedy!

It’s been a couple of weeks - or longer - since i’ve touch base, and a lot has happened/not happened during that period, as well as me being extremely busy to boot.


First of, I would like to say a belated ‘Thank you’ to everyone who took part and came to support the Real Deal Comedy Jam Feb/March tour. It was a little stressful and hectic at times (for those who do not know about the hard work the RDCJ team puts in to making each show a success), yet the fun, laughter, jokes and positive feedback from the people who attended made the hard work all the more worth while.


So you can assume that I am very excited about the RDCJ’s tour return in April. The Spring will surely blossom when the Real Deal come this April with five spectacular UK and US comedians to include headliner Mike Yard and Dugar reppin’ the US and Kojo, Papa CJ and Glenda Jaxson whom are ready to bring the house down.


The Real Deal originally had Todd Lynn as headliner, however, Todd’s confirmation time was lengthy and the show must go on!

Myself and the RDCJ team are already working exceptionally hard on promoting this tour, so from now until the tour starts keep an eye and ear out in the media to keep upto-date with the latest interviews (with comedians) and competitions (ticket giveaways).


On to the entertainment world, who has ticket(s) to see the King of Pop - Michael Jackson! Jealous! Im willing to trade one of my favourite designer (unworn) shoes to go and see MJ, which I would never do as I have a shoe fetish. But for Mike I would. Seriously!:) So let me know.

Calling out to all DJ’s/Tastemakers, Midlands magazine 69 Sixtynine is seeking 10 hottest DJ’s (of any genre) to be featured in their May edition. Deadline is Fri 20th March! So get your skates on. For more info: 69 seeks 10 Hottest DJ’s. 


I know you must be getting bored to death with the saga (well im not!), because until I hear both sides to the story (live) I cannot rest. lol! What am I talking about (like you don’t know)? Im talking about Chris Brown and Rihanna of course! To me, now, its stale as they have been no word from either of them publicly, but it seems like nothing ever happened. My girl (Rihanna) was out on the tiles (clubbing to non Brits:) with Brandy (R&B singer) and friends. Chris, What!  All im waiting on is for Oprah to call.  To keep up-to-date with my day-to-day shenanigans log on to my mini blog on Twitter - twitter.comQueenoftheCrop, and the latest updates to my website Queen of the Crop©.


To leave on a brighter note, yesterday was a truly happy day for me. Mmmmm! What would have made my day? Manchester United losing to Liverpool 4-1, and in their own back yard. That’s right! Ha! I still can’t stop grinning. Im grinning even as i write:|) There is hope for Arsenal.

*You would never know im a passionate football!

I can’t go without having you see this (if you haven’t already). For those who don’t go to church here is something to show you what you’ve been missing. It will surely lift your spirits. Click here

See you all in a week






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