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Sunday 2nd Sept
The Comedy Loft - Lock17

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Sunday 26th Aug
Comedy Loft, Rosies

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Saturday 8th Sept
The Neon

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The last tour of 2008 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nathan Wilkins   
Saturday, 01 November 2008 16:53

2008 is finally over for the Real Deal Comedy Jam

Wow what a year!! 2008 has seen the 'Real Deal Comedy Jam' grow to take on wings and is now flying. Let's try and go back and walk through what has been a ground breaking year from the JEP squad.


Nathan, Sammy and Nzinga decide the time had come to take a trip out to the states. The mission was two fold firstly to speak to the agents and representative of Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence and Chris Tucker. Mission number two was to find un-tapped tallent to perform on the Real Deal Comedy Jam. We first stopped off in NYC and spent 6 days touring all the comedy clubs, we were amazed to find how many there were out there. You can quite literally go to 3 different shows per night, any night of the week. Amazing. The great thing that we were please to find was that all the comedians had heard of the Real Deal Comedy Jam and wanted to do the show. The highlight of this leg of the trip was Caroline's comedy club, which was on that night headlined by Michael Colyar and Darnell Rawlings. Great performances by both comedians. We also meet up with a representative of Chris Rock and had a great meeting. NYC, what an amazing place. We then hopped onto a plane again and flew across America to LA, going from freezing cold NYC to warm LA, it was a nice change. LA too was an amazing place, we had many friends out there aready who wanted to take care of us and show us around. In LA there weren't as many comedy clubs but they did seem to be of a higher standard. The highlight of this part of the trip was Chris Spencer's room which was in Ingle Wood. Headlined by our good friend Tony Roberts. We went to the MGM studios and talked to the agent of Martin Lawrence but we left that particular meeting unstatisfied by how the meeting had gone. It was at this stage that our vision took a whole different direction. We meet up with some friends and were hanging out with some of there friends who were all from the film industry. We started talking about what we did and then someone suggested we should turn our show into a TV show. We wrote up a plan within 1 hour and left that house excited by what the possibilities might be.


The Real Deal Comedy Jam became a tour being held at Birmingham's Alexandra theatre and at Nottingham's Royal Concert Hall. Headlined by Damon Williams and Kenny Williams who we meet in NYC the previous month. Hosted by Kat. The tour was a great success.


The Real Deal Comedy Jam tour's again Birmingham and Nottingham. This time headlined by Micheal Colyar and Kareem Green. Hosted by Kat.


JEP Entertainment Ltd record 2 episodes of the Real Deal Comedy Jam TV show. Featuring Kat, Tony Roberts, Damon Williams, Marlon Randolph, Slim, Mr Cee, Anette Fagon and Lateef Lovejoy. The recording was a great sucess and is still being pitched to the TV networks. Our current DJ G-man also joined the ranks and hasn't looked back since.


JEP Entertainment Ltd team up with Manchester promotional team Vintage mist promotions. The plan is set for Vintage Mist promotions to manage the Real Deal Comedy Jam in Manchester. The first tour for this was done on the 25th and 26th October. Headlined by Rodney Perry and B-Phlat, hosted by Kat. What a tour!! All I can say is this was absolutely brilliant.


The Real Deal Comedy Jam tour Birmingham and Manchester again. This time using Will-E Robo and Darnell Rawlings, yet again the tour is a complete sucess.

So with all that has gone on what's next.......well plans are already in place to make the show BIGGER, BADDER and BETTER than ever before. Already there are UK tours planned for Feb and April 09.

So to conclude, if you have been with us for the ride. Thanks for being there for us. If you haven't get on board because 2009 is going to be one hell of a journey.










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