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Queen's Corner (April Edition) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nathan Wilkins   
Saturday, 01 November 2008 16:53

Queen of the Crop…Rise to the Top!

Greetings All

Welcome to the Queen’s Corner blog, where you’ll read about what’s going on in the news, entertainment and comedy - from my point of view!



How time is moving fast. Where has time gone!? April has just started, yet the days are flying past quickly. It seems a day is now three days. You blink and the week has already finished. And that’s how I felt about this week - the Easter Week. Especially as the working week is shorter because of Good Friday and the Bank Holiday, I had a lot more to do in a shorter period.   I started the week the same as every other week with meetings. I met with my web designer, marketing manager (of Queen of the Crop©) and French tutor. All whilst juggling my Blackberry and Skype phone, often simultaneously, with emails and calls. This is also why my meetings tend to either surpass its duration or cut short with me having to dash to the next. And I hate being late!

There are also some exciting projects I am working on for the Real Deal Comedy Jam this year. We are so spoiling you guys, that’s all I can say. Just keep your ears and eyes peeled.


 For now, its about the April tour, and there have been some interviews I’ve set up with some of the comedians (itinerary below), so check them out it will surely bring some laughter to your day. There are also competitions around giving away tickets to the RDCJ in either Bristol on Fri 24th April or Birmingham on Sun 26th April.  So if the credit crunch has left you looking out for pennies on the pavement or having you scuffle down the back of your sofa, then check out some of the websites and radio stations where you can enter. Why not try them all, if things are reaaaallly tight:) Go to or listen out on: Gloucester FM, Urban World, Newstyle Radio, Everyurbanthing and Ujima Radio. I will inform you about more competitions soon.    There wasn’t much news this week that interested me except the stupid rumour that went around- yes round to nothing - that Snoop Dogg’s wife had died and saying that Snoop “has the dead body of his wife in his basement.” Why say s**t like that!? People need to understand the power of the mouth. You can have someone’s name on your tongue for days with bad intention and things can happen. Just the same way how you say someone’s name you haven’t seen for years, then a few days later you see them. That’s the power of thought and speech. Anyway, I don’t want to go too deep on you. Just be careful what you say. Lol!   As I was saying, this stupid rumour was not true, and caused great upset to Snoop’s wife, Shante Broadus.   On Wednesday I had someone come to my house and cook for me. His cooking methods is healthy eating and getting most out of the nutrients and minerals from veg and meat, by using Titanium pots and pans by Saladmaster.    He told me that he’ll cook me a meal - Salmon, Chicken, potatoes, vegetables and salad and a chocolate cake! The chicken would be fried without using oil and an boiled and egg without using water! Yes I know, that was what I thought - how can you do that!? He did, to my surprise!    He cooked for my sister, cousin and I, and informed us about the dangers of cooking with contemporary pots and pans and what it does to our bodies all while explaining the health benefits of Saladmaster. It has been medically and scientifically proven to reduce air emissions and shorten cooking time. It also helps to lower cholesterol, generate more mineral and vitamin from veg, fruit, meat and fish, etc, whilst reducing sugar and salt intake, lose weight from not using oil, among other things to gain a healthy lifestyle that the likes of the government are not telling you about. Trust me, wants you eat the food cooked from using these utensils, you will surely taste the difference compared to cooking from your usual pots and pans. To find out more about Saladmaster and to have him (I call him my personal chef now) come round to your house to cook - for Free! then drop me a email.    Anyway, after eating that meal my cousin and sister (who landed the day before from New York and whom I haven’t seen since Jan) started playing some of her tunes from her Ipod - which was on my Ipod speaker deck. It was a girls night in so we were drinking (Wray & Nephew Rum with fruit juice - yes a Rum Punch), dancing, Facebooking, just generally having a good time, when my sister broke out and started singing this Danity Kane song - which I’ve never heard of by-the-way. Now this was real funny as she can’t sing, but thinks she can, and would have been great for Pop Idol’s worst best singers. So with her singing it lead to a singing match between myself, sister and cousin. The game was you had to pretend you were in a sound booth (by covering our ears and reenacting how we would have sang the song as though the song was our own) and listen to that person rock the mic, so to speak, and agree (unanimously) who was the best and the loser had to... I can’t say too rude:) Anyway, by this point we are drunk, being loud, laughing uncontrollably, being silly and getting really into the game (by-the-way its 3:00am on a Thursday), when all of a sudden - may have been longer due to the noise we were making - we heard BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG!!! It was the Police! They were coming round saying they had complaints from the neighbours about the noise. All I said was that I will turn it down, then shut the door. Now what cowards (my neighbours)! All they had to do was knock the door and kindly ask for the music/noise to be toned down, not call the damn Police. Now depending on their delivery I may turn it down, screwing, but turn it slightly down. But for them to call the Police and waste tax payers money (my money too!) when the Police should/could have be out their helping those in need, other than someone playing music and having a good time was $*”:@&£!!!And it messed up the vibe. As they say, party dun!!   

This was all filmed and makes me laugh every time I watch it. You will NOT see this on the net, so don’t try to Facebook.

  Anyway guys, I’m wrapping things up. If you haven’t got your tickets to the RDCJ April tour then get your tickets NOW! Only 2 weeks to go for main event.And as always a word of wisdom:

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is to try to please everyone."


Who I am: I am the PR/Marketing officer for the RDCJ and founder of Queen of the Crop© (QC) a premier Birmingham based Public Relations (PR) company, that specialises in the music, entertainment and creative arts industry. The company’s main objective is offering PR services aimed at exclusive unsigned/signed talents and those associated in the music/entertainment industry.



Reading, travelling, shopping, sports (tennis, golf & football) and networking/socialising



God, Family/loved ones, Comedy, Money & success.


hypocrites, liars & politicians



To keep up-to-date on Nzinga go to Queen of the Crop© or her networking sites Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Wordpress. 


Listen to the comedians interviews who will be performing at the RDCJ tour in April ‘09.

  Thurs 16th April Ujima FM 98.FM @ 5:00pm - Dugar Sun 19th AprilBBC (Bristol) 94.9, 104.6, 103.6FM @ 5:00pm – Dugar Thurs 23rd April Original FM (Bristol) 106.5FM @ 6:45am – Mike Yard & Dugar Gloucester FM 96.6FM (Bristol) @ 5:10pm – Mike Yard & Dugar Ujima FM 98.FM @ TBC – Mike Yard & Dugar Fri 24th April Galaxy FM (Bham) - 102.2FM @ 8:00am - Mike Yard & Dugar Newstyle FM (Bham) 98.7FM @ 9:00am - Mike Yard, Dugar & Glenda Jaxson Sat 25th April BBC WM (Bham) 95.6FM @ 8:30pm - Dugar TBC Kiss FM (Bristol) 105-106FM - Mike Yard & Dugar Star FM (Bristol) 107.2FM - Mike Yard & Dugar BBC 1Xtra (DAB/Digital Radio) - Mike Yard & Dugar BBC Asian Network (DAB/Digital Radio) TBC - Papa CJ


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