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Gary Coleman RIP


Gary Coleman dies aged 42




OMG another childhood star passes away.  May 28th 2010 . 80's TV star from Diff'rent Strokes Gary Coleman dies after suffering a brain haemorrhage after a fall.  It marks the end of a tragic life of a man that brought joy to so many of us whilst playing Arnold from 1978 until 1986.


Gary Wayne Coleman was born in 1968 in Illinois USA.  By the time he was 10 he was one of televisions hottest properties.  He starred in TV sitcom Diff'rent Strokes which portrayed two young African American brothers who were adopted by a wealthy white widower in Manhattan.  Gary was often described in the press as one of televisions promising stars.  Due to his small size a mere 4ft 8in and child like appearance 10 year old Gary played Arnold, a child much younger than his actual age.  This was part of the humour as he'd say things that a child of Arnold's age just would just not say.  Arnold was the star of the show with his famous  punch-line "Whaatcha talking bout Willis".



Diff'rent Strokes proved to be somewhat of a curse to the kids that stared in the series Arnold (Gary Colemen), Willis (Todd Bridges) and Kimberly (Dana Plato).  After the series ended Gary Coleman went on to sue his adopted parents for mismanagement of his finances.  After settlement Gary was left bankrupt and worked as a security guard at a shopping mall.  His 4 million dollars fortune had vanished.  Dana Plato (Kimberly) became a drug addicted alcoholic and died at the young age of 34 in 1999.  Todd Bridges (Willis)  became a drug addict but later turned his life around and still works in the entertainment industry.


When you think of Gary Coleman its hard not to think of him as Arnold the cute little funny kid from Harlem.  I think that association actually ruined his life.  Do you think he ever got away from he famous punch-line, I doubt it.   Gary Coleman's case is yet another case of a childhood star who's life was affected in a negative way by fame too early and who maybe didn't have the support structure around to help them make the transition from childhood to adulthood in front of the world.


RIP Gary Coleman 1968 - 2010 (Died age 42)