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You are here: Home Home Archive 50 cent loser 4 stone for movie role
50 Cent has lost weight



I can't believe how much weight 50 Cent has lost



I first heard about Fiddy losing weight on Twitter from Nick Canon.  His Tweet read something like "what's happened to 50 Cent he's gone well skinny".  Intrigued I immediately went to Google to see a picture.  When I saw a picture my jaw hit the floor I was like WTF!!   In the pictures fiddy is looking gaunt and skinny I was seriously worried for him.  I'm not gonna lie the first thing I thought was AIDS which I wouldn't wish on anybody.  So I looked a little deeper into the situation.  Phew to my relief it was self inflicted and not an illness.  It turns out that fiddy is really taking his acting serious.  The role he has taken is a story of an American football player that is diagnosed with cancer.  Fiddy had to drop his weight from 15 stone to 11 stone a full 4 stone.  Now that is some dedication, you girls know how hard it is to lose weight.  Apparently he achieved this weight loss with a liquid diet and lots of work on the treadmill.




Once I read the story I was in admiration of Fiddy.  You see alot of singer/rappers that dabble in a bit of acting that don't approach it with the job with the respect or dedication that the role deserves.   I always think that it is disrespectful to the potentially great actor and actresses out there.  Just think there could be another Denzel Washington that can't get a role because all the good roles are being snapped up by wannabe actor rappers.  It's obviously to me now that fiddy can not be put into that category, Fiddy is a serious actor.



After seeing Fiddy's dramatic transformation I'm quite interested in seeing the film.  Hope it was worth the pain Fiddy.