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Written by Nathan Wilkins   

Littleman the comedian



Littleman first came on tour with the Real Deal Comedy Jam in April 2010.  It maybe would be a little too much to say that this young man from London stole the show but he definitely left his mark on us.  Probably the biggest compliment you could make to Littleman is that he was performing alongside seasoned pro's like Kat, Richard Blackwood, Glenda Jaxson and Talent the comedian and didn't at all look out of his depth.  On the RDCJ traditional survey that is conducted after the tour Littleman took 1st place with over 50% of the votes, a first on the Real Deal Comedy Jam from any opening act.


Littleman is confident to say the least and is a sure fire winner with the ladies in the audience who seem to be captivated by him.  He seemed to love the whole experience of being on tour and embraced every element of what that comes with.  I.e the travelling, interviews late nights and early starts.  What also really impressed me about Littleman was his willingness to take as much out of every situation that was humanly possible.  He was consistently picking the brains of everyone on tour.  One of the days on tour he mentioned to me that he had had a conversation with Richard Blackwood the day before that had changed his whole outlook on life and was more determined than ever to full-fill his dreams.


Littleman's comedy takes you back to when you were a teenager, he really has to ability to take you back there.  A very good comedian who has the ability and confidence to go to the very top of the comedy tree.  He promised me that he will be writing new material so that we can put him on tour again soon.  It'll have to be good as Littleman has set the bar high.


Just like Kevin J, Littleman could become a Real Deal Comedy Jam crowd favourite alongside the likes of Kat, Slim and Tony Roberts.


JEP Quote - "Definitely one to watch in 2010/11, if he works hard, continues to write new original material and doesn't just settle for being a local star he could one day be a huge name in comedy." Nathan Wilkins JEP Entertainment Ltd


His TV credits include - The Real Deal Comedy Jam TV show 2010