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Sunday 2nd Sept
The Comedy Loft - Lock17

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Friday 31st Aug

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Sunday 26th Aug
Comedy Loft, Rosies

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Saturday 8th Sept
The Neon

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SLIM the Comedian



Danny Gray AKA 'Slim the Comedian' was on the very first show that the JEP boys did.  This show was prior to even the launch of the now famous 'Real Deal Comedy Jam' brand.  Since then he has gone on to become a national treasure with a string a awards and accolades under his belt.  Slim is definitely a Real Deal Comedy Jam crowd favourite.


His TV credits include the Real Deal Comedy Jam TV show plus Kojo's funhouse on MTV Base.


Slim is a headline UK comic that can hold his own alongside any company and is entertaining to any audience.  It's simple, Slim is just funny.  His stories captivate you and take you on a journey where you get to re-live some of his experiences and cultural influences.  Slim is a South East London boy who is a second generation British - Jamaican.  He flips between the two cultures with ease highlighting some of the differences along the way.


Slim has so much material that he can perform onstage alone for 2 hours easily without boring anyone.  He is renown for doing a bi-annual one man tour of the UK which is highly recommended by the Real Deal Comedy Jam.


JEP Quote - "If we have any concerns about a show we know Slim can be relied upon to be a guaranteed success.  I love it when people see Slim for the first time because for some reason he is still underestimated.  Afterwards though he's usually all that they can talk about" Nathan Wilkins JEP Entertainment Ltd




Click the above image to see the Real Deal Comedy Jam TV show preview featuring Slim

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