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Twist & Pulse - Britain's Got Talent
Written by Nathan Wilkins   
Sunday, 16 May 2010 11:39



Street - omedy


Ashley and Glen AKA Twist and Pulse have invented a new style of street dance which they have also titled Street-omedy.   Broken down for you a fusion of street dance and comedy.


They have the ability to fuse songs at the cutting edge of urban culture ranging from the deep Hip Hop tunes from New York to the latest urban UK movement called Grime and the hard sounds coming out of Jamaica with cheesy pop songs from the cheeky girls and even the theme tune from the UK's most popular soap 'Eastenders'.   Sounds crazy doesn't it?  Believe me you have to see it to believe it.


These two white boys from London.  Have what every wanna be entertainer needs, the like-ability factor.  Now the world will get to know exactly what all the Real Deal Comedy Jammers have known since Ashley and Glen came on the Real Deal Comedy Jam tour in April.  That Twist and Pulse are heading for the very top.


The boys were a pleasure to tour with always up to something and very natural entertainers.  I remember watching them on stage prior to a show starting on the Cardiff leg of the tour.  They were playing rockstars but the crazy thing was that they seemed to have a telepathic ability to read each other.   Before the tour began their manager Yann told me they were crazy he wasn't wrong.


The boys entered the 2010 Britain's Got Talent series and flew through the first round.  Simon Cowell and his fellow judges were amazed by what they called a truly  original performance.  Best thing is we know that was nothing compare to what they can do.



Yes Britain really does have talent and the Real Deal Comedy Jam showcases them first.


Good luck Ashley and Glen, you have our support all the way.