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You are here: Home Home Archive Glenda Jaxson - the Duchess of Comedy
Written by Lorrenda Waite   


Up close and personal with the DUCHESS OF COMEDY - GLENDA JAXSON



  • Intro


My name is Glenda Jaxson I’m a female comedian. I have two sons, my oldest is Andre who is 26 years old and my youngest son Gioni (also known as GiGi) is 19 years old and is a ‘Grime MC’. I also live with my husband Phil who is a known producer by the name of ‘Templa’ so I guess you could say my household is full of talent.


  • How long have you been involved in comedy now?


I've been doing comedy for about 6/7 years now.  I have done a bit of hosting a couple of times at Kensington town hall for ‘Free Street Entertainment’ who is my management.



  • How did you get into comedy?


I got into comedy from a friend who told me about an audition she’d spotted in a magazine and said that I should go for it. Although I knew I was a funny person I didn't think anyone else would necessarily find me that funny for me to become a comedian. I can remember being at the audition and feeling like a mother watching her daughter auditioning for a pantomime.   I remember me constantly throwing suggestions to her saying 'no don't do it like that you should say it like this and do it like that'. *laughs*  A man called Rudi Lickwood spotted me on the side line throwing all these ideas at my friend, came up to me and suggested I give it a go myself. I decided to give it a go and haven't looked back since. I love comedy and haven't regretted going down that road. Don't get me wrong its hard work at times but I feel that so long as I'm being me at all times I always perform well and it always seems to sit well with the audience.


  • Tell us a bit more about Glenda Jaxson


Several years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and I remember thinking to myself oh my God I'm gonna die.  When you receive news like that you always think the worse.  I remember thinking about things I would liked to have done with my life. I started to think about things I still wanted to do and feeling that it was too soon to leave my sons and that there was so many things I hadn't yet fulfilled. I was scared as anyone would be in that situation.

The manager I had at the time basically vanished during that time. He stopped getting me bookings and I couldn't get hold of him and haven't had contact with him since.  All this was happening around the time I had cancer.

I've still had no explanation as to whether he had issues within his own life or whether it was that he just didn't do the whole ‘people with cancer’ thing.

I would love to speak to him one day to find out what happened.  Anyway I bounced back, I beat the cancer and everything started looking up.  I’d found new management and started getting bookings again.  I really feel as though I’ve been given a second chance and I’m certainly not wasting it.  I’ve also got four awards under my belt that I’m proud of.  I’ve won an award at the ‘Black Tie Event in 2009, a BAFTA for ‘Best female 2009, a BECA award in 2004 and also a Comedy Fun House award for 2004/5.  I’m really pleased with these awards and hope to win many more.

  • Have you experienced anything at a show that is memorable to you?


I remember being booked for an 80 year old birthday party and thinking to myself, this is going to be difficult because it’s going to be a load of 80 year olds which could be a challenge.   All I kept thinking was oh my God I’m not gonna be able to swear, cuss or tell any sex jokes as it would be inappropriate given the age group.  When I got to the party it was a relief because although the birthday girl was 80 it was mainly younger relatives present such as grandchildren, daughters, sons etc and with the heels the birthday girl had on she looked randy for her age *laughs* so I knew straight away I could just be myself and freestyle.  I remember seeing a pastor there too and thinking ahh man and then I just said to myself just do you Glender.

It turned out great they loved the set so it really paid off in the end.


  • Who are your idols / role models?


Definitely my mum is without a doubt my biggest role model and also myself of course. *laughs*  Billy Connolly is definitely one of my idols as I can really relate to him and also an American artist who goes by the name of ‘Talent da comedian’.  Talent gives me the most joke, he is just ‘old school’ and funny with it. Everyday of the tour he would come down for breakfast in a full suit ready for the day looking sharp *laughs*.


  • Kat B describes you as the matriarch of the RDCJ, do you embrace that title?


I love Kat and see him as one of my own. I love the title even though I see myself more as a Duchess of comedy.   I don’t want to be known as a Diva like many singers within the industry I just love the title ‘Duchess’ *laughs*.

  • How did you get involved in the RDCJ?


Well I have worked with the guys 6 times before with my original management before he did the whole disappearing act but this time round I wasn’t actually on the bill. What had happened is due to the volcanic ash flight ban (God bless the ash) *laughs* I was called as a stand-in because the original comedian couldn’t get over here. So yes I believe it was fate.


  • How do you find the RDCJ shows in comparison to other shows?


What I’ve noticed is that the RDCJ has good devoted fans that continuously follow each show regardless of what comedians are on the bill.  London is different as you tend to have set followers for set comedians, maybe because we’re spoilt when it comes to comedy and we have shows constantly. For example you would have Eddie Kadi who has his own following, Kojo has his own following etc. With the RDCJ the fans are there to see everyone, whether it’s the RDCJ guys, the comedians, the DJ or even dancers that may appear on the show.


  • Is there any particular city that you would say you got the best response from?


Birmingham is clearly my home away from home and Bristol gave a really good response.  I must say that Cardiff really surprised me especially as this was the first time opening at Cardiff.  Yeah we got a really good response from them.


  • Is there any particular comedian that you would love to work with again?


I’d love to work with Richard Blackwood and basically everyone I worked with on the April tour this year (2010) again. The same crew, we all got on very well and have our own code which is ‘what happens in the Real Deal, stays in the Real Deal’.


  • Being a comedian yourself do you have a favourite?


That’s a difficult one, I have a few favourites. I’d say for the USA ‘Talent da comedian’ is definitely my favourite without a doubt.   When looking at the UK I’d say Eddie Kadi, I really love him plus he doesn’t swear. Richard Blackwood, Slim and Little man are also some of my UK favourites.


  • What can we expect from Glender Jaxson in the future?


Well there’s a show that myself and Kat have done with Lenny Henry which is due to be aired at some point. We did the show about two months ago it’s to do with a black dating agency and we play different characters. Kat has a particular character that he plays really well and I have three different characters that I play. All three are hilarious two of the characters which can be described as one being African with an interesting way of speaking and the other character being a large woman that’s always at the gym *laughs*.

In the future you can expect a slimmer Glenda *laughs*, two words to describe what to expect from me for the future are ‘Greatness’ and ‘Better’.