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Friday 28th Dec
The Comedy Loft - Lock17

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Sat 29th Dec



Thursday 27th Dec

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Boxing Day 26th Dec
Comedy Loft, Rosies

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Sunday 30th Dec
The Neon

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Barbershop Birmingham is a community magazine aimed at promoting dialogue on issues related to mental health that is specifically targeted at young BME men within inner city areas of Birmingham. In particular, it targets those men who are least likely to engage with health, social care and mental health. – Namely, BME men be they caught up in the criminal justice system, or are drug users, gang members, not in employment, not in further education, not engaging with society and not having an awareness of how to best engage with their mental health. It has a multi-cultural focus addressing issues of faith, culture and race in mental health and promotes an understanding and co-operation between communities.

Barbershop features topical articles, personal accounts, interviews with community members, poetry, artwork and unique comic book case studies of real life experiences of mental health. The Barbershop is the focal point for distribution as for many BME men, such venues are viewed as social hubs where people open up, in short, Barbershops can be cornerstones in society for many men.

Barbershop Birmingham has attached to it many opportunities for training and gaining an accredited qualification, three of the training opportunities being website design, photography and radio broadcasting.


For more information contact:
Stephen Lewis 07976896044
E mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


THE REAL DEAL COMEDY JAM have endorsed the issues that BARBERSHOP MAGAZINE are promoting. Check out the youtube clip below of our host

KAT speaking on the subject.


Real Deal Comedy Jam host Kat (Far left), with some of the Barbershop Magazine representatives.