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Beyonce Take a Break
Written by Sara Augustus   



Beyonce Takes a Break!!!



The world’s favourite alter ego diva is taking a break!!! OMG What on earth are we all going to do with ourselves!! Will the entertainment world even survive with out her presence?

I’m pretty sure it will, but while Beyonce takes a well deserved 6 month break form all that glitters there won’t be anyone who can do it quite like our B! Not even that Lady Gaga.


When the star released the statement at the beginning the year it was almost as though the entertainment world wanted to cuss her out and say ‘hey! We’ve invested a whole lot of time into what you do so you ain’t going no where hunny! You better do what you’re paid to do and entertain!’ But before they managed to be completely offend the star and a whole bunch of die hard fans they realised that this hard working 28 year old world class star has been on the grind for well over a decade from her Destiny’s Child days as a teen right through to her third solo album all before the age of 30.


Now this may come as a shock to some of you but I am not the biggest Beyonce fan. To be honest she seems like a bit of a boring character but a total sweetheart. But that Sasha Fierce, now she is a girl after my own heart! When she gets on that stage and her persona combines with Beyonces voice together they get down to business and I immediately become that over excited kid in Hamleys toy store! And obviously I am not the only one who feels this way. On January 31st this year Beyonce cleaned up at the Grammys taking home six awards which is a record for a female artist. Not only that she did an amazing performance of ‘If I Were a Boy’ a song that ladies you know you can relate to!


The star has been on a roll since last year sweeping up awards and tearing up arena’s across the world with her belting voice, banging stage outfits and her iconic choreography that has taken over people homes only to dominate Youtube.


During her break the star plans to spend more time with her husband Jay-Z, her five year old nephew Daniel, and to focus on her personal life by doing random things that to everyday people like you and I are the norm like going to restaurants, cinemas and parks.


I don’t know about you but during this break I for one am looking forward to seeing more of this affection between the secretive couple that they have been displaying recently. When she thanked Jay Z at the EMA’s last year for putting a ring on it, I nearly dropped dead out of shock! And then at the Grammys when she accepted one of her awards she said “I’d like to thank all of my family for their support, including my Husband, I love you” Shocking!!


In my opinion Beyonce deserves a lot longer than a six month break for the work that she has put in. But perhaps that’s a little too much to ask your record label for these days? Who knows? I suppose it’s better than nothing and another exhausted celeb in rehab.