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Written by Wilkobaby   
Monday, 21 September 2009 16:41



For me winter of 2009 will be remember as the period where I was snowed under with major projects that had to be completed in a short space of time. (That’s why the last few months of the year have been a total blur to me. I sometimes don’t even know what day it is. Lol!) It was also the first time I got involved in Public Relations (PR) and promotions for the film industry, giving me that growing desire to work on more films.

In October/November I was involved in the PR and promotion primarily in the Midlands for film ‘Dead Man Running;’ which was executively produced by premiership footballers Rio Ferdinand and Ashley Cole, directed by award winning film director Alex De Rakoff, and produced by one of the UK’s most distinguished film producers Nicholas ‘Pikki’ Fearon and also starred the likes of 50 Cent, Ashley Walters, Tamer Hassan and Danny Dyer, to name a few. So I knew this was a major film to be apart of.

The film is based around reformed ex con Nick (Tamer Hassan) who is given exactly 24 hours to come up with the £100,000 he owes brutal gangland loan shark Thigo (50 Cent). With Thigo’s men holding Nick’s wheelchair bound mum (Brenda Blethyn) hostage, he and best mate Bing (Danny Dyer) embark on a frantic race against the clock that hurls them across the country’s mean streets, from the East London dog tracks to the underground drug dens of Manchester.

After all the hard work, regionally and nationally, in street promotion (flyering and posters), competitions (ticket giveaways), features (previews and reviews features), arranging interviews (magazines, newspapers and radio) for 50 Cent, Tamer Hassan, Pikki, Ashley Walters and Ashley Cole (I now have all their numbersJ) the film peaked at number 10 in the UK film charts on its opening release (Friday 30th October), even though it was showcased in approximately 60 cinemas nationally compared to major Hollywood films released on the same day that were featured in around 300! Also Birmingham was one of the most successful cities for ticket sales! I was truly ecstatic about the results.

I also went to the premiere of the film win Manchester (I missed the London premier due to other commitments) and rolled with the JEP/Real Deal Comedy Jam team.

When we got there, which was quite late due to traffic, and we arrived on the red carpet, the paparazzi and press were there and also fans. As we were walking down the red carpet the cameras stopped and people were asking whom we were and if we were famous. It was a little cringe worthy, but we held our heads high and said ‘One day’! Shouting out, ‘Real Deal Comedy Jam,’ ‘Queen of the Crop’ and ‘JEP’! I’m not into the limelite, so it was all good. On day ill be kicking them away from my doorstep. Lol!

I personally found the film was well directed and produced, funny at times and not at all too gangster as I thought it would be. I also enjoyed the chemistry between actors Tamer Hassan and Danny Dyer. They always gel well together in their films. Do you remember ‘The Business?”

Due to the successful results in the Midlands and me continuing to speak highly of the marketing and promotion potentials in the Midlands the producer of the film ‘Nicholas “Pikki” Fearon decided to include Birmingham to line-up for the Q&A session tour with some of the cast and crew to be showcased at Vue Cinema, Star City. I was thrilled, even though I had less than a week to promote and market the event from the films opening release, however I was confident I could pull it off – as always.

The response from the general public and press about the Q&A session coming to Birmingham was phenomenal and I was confident we would attract a large amount of people to the event.

However, unfortunately due to the appalling weather (total wash out) and possibly due to the screening venue (Star City) the attendance was not as high as anticipated. The weather also caused some of the cast and crew not to attend - which says it all. On the plus side, those who attended (press and general public) gave me positive feeback about the film and found the Q&A session very instructive.

Overall, my experience working on Dead Man Running was knowledgeable in the film sense, and absolute pleasure working with the cast and crew. I look forward to working on future film projects, particularly with Pikki, whom I see as an inspiration that anything is possible no matter your circumstances if you put your mind to it.

Dead Man Running will be out on DVD in February 2010. So keep your ears and eyes peeled and continue to support British films.

Nzinga Graham-Smith


Last Updated on Friday, 26 February 2010 11:23